The MICRODOT® – If you can draw a cube, you can draw ANYTHING

I have designed many drawing stencils over the years, they have been popular but made in very small batches. I need help to get stencils made in larger quantities than I can manage whilst doing ‘the day job’ too.

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I have now taken the best features from previous products along with what I have learnt to create ‘The MICRODOT®’. This is a small stencil, that is packed with features and FUN.

I am ready to go with manufacturing once backed and order numbers are confirmed.  With the help from kickstarter, I am sure my stencil will make its way round the world!

I have recently been doing more and more consultancy work and am very passionate about trying to get as many pupils and teachers in the country to draw correctly.  The MICRODOT® has been extensively tested, my aim is to get as many pupils in the world designing with the help of the MICRODOT®.

I strongly believe that if you can draw a cube, you can adapt that cube to produce most products on paper. The MicroDot® stencil is compact, it uses the ‘dot-to-dot’ principle taken from the DTDOT® and also has a selection of carefully placed ellipse tools so the pupil can actually see how to use them.

There is a stencil for isometric cut outs, a funky arrow for annotation that can even be flipped to highlight environmental consideration. There is a 30 degree wedge for general isometric project, a small ruler and the fun, and much liked feature is that of the ‘sun and sunglasses’ stencil.

This feature helps pupils consider a direction of light source before they start to draw so rendering/shading can be done correctly.

If you back me, you will be helping more people learn to draw and design like a Pro.

Thank you

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