Becoming an SLE

I am a long standing Head of Department at St James’s C of E High School in Bolton.  This is my 13th Year in my current role, I also run a successful company called DTResources Ltd (  I am very fortunate that I not only work at an ‘outstanding school’, it is also a ‘Teaching School.’

”Teaching schools are strong schools led by strong leaders that work with others to provide high-quality training, development and support to new and experienced school staff”.  (

As part of our teaching school status, we are also a school that organises the deployment of specialist teachers that can provide assistance to other schools, the teacher going to help is called an ‘SLE’.

”If you’re an experienced middle or senior leader who’s interested in supporting middle and senior leaders in other schools, you may wish to apply to become a specialist leader of education (SLE).

There are currently over 7,300 designated SLEs.

Teaching schools and system leaders support the Department for Education’s goal to provide educational excellence everywhere so that every child and young person can access high-quality provision, achieving to the best of their ability regardless of location, prior attainment and background.”  (

To become an SLE, you need to have worked with schools in a way that shows your help has had a sustainable impact after you have offered assistance.

I am fortunate enough to have been called to a number of schools to offer help in a great many ways.  I am currently working towards becoming an SLE at the next round of interviews in May, in the mean time I enjoy helping where I can, colleting impact evidence as I go.

I shall pot again this week to highlight some of the areas I offer assistance in…..who knows, I might be able to come and help at your school?



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