Lesson Ideas


Four plenaries to think about over the weekend and try out on Monday

Exit Ticket

At the end of the lesson ask the class a question. Give each pupil a piece of card to write their answer on – collect these ‘exit tickets’ in as the pupils leave your room. You can now use these cards to help plan the next lesson based on how much you know the pupils have understood.

The Real World

Pupils write down how what they have learnt in the lesson could be used in the real world or in another subject.

Find the fib

On the board write three statements, questions or answers about a lesson topic. Two are correct, one is wrong. Ask the pupils to tell you which is the fib and why.

Pupil Teachers

Ask the pupils to write what they think the learning objectives should be in the next lesson, based on what they have learnt in the current lesson.
Planning a lesson

You really must check out this resource:


It really is a 5 minute method of writing a lesson plan!
As soon as an observer gets your lesson plan they will know exactly what you are doing, and if you are not being observed – YOU will know exactly what you are teaching as the 5 minute lesson plan is a great way to get your lesson ideas down on paper.


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