My first attemp at using the #7ePlan #soloarmy @teachertoolkit @Hthompson1982


The lesson plan can be downloaded from the link above – please give feedback if you use it, let me know how you get on.  Thank you.

I am loving the new book #100ideas from @teachertoolkit.  This is idea 16 from the book and is using an idea from @Hthompson1982.

I have used the 7ePlan to build upon the knowledge that the pupils have already, in a hope that every one of them can make some measured progress during the lesson.

I have combined the ideas of the 7ePlan with SOLO Taxonomy, I have explained what I am doing and why on slide two of the attached powerpoint.

I shall add my observation feedback below for you to see.

Wish me luck 🙂

This part of the post has been written after I did the lesson described above.

I am delighted to say that the lesson was graded as Outstanding.  Whilst I was pleased with the way that I delivered the lesson, the structure was pretty much down to the use of the #7eplan and the use of Solo Taxonomy.  I think that these two concepts can be used by pretty much anyone who wants to ensure that all pupils make progress in a lesson.

Please comment on how you have used the 7eplan please.


Thank you


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