About me

My name is John Donnelly, I am the Head of Design and Technology at St James’s CE High School – Bolton, and have been in post for 12 happy years, since starting as an NQT.

I knew that I wanted to be a teacher since I started to teach the age of 18! At college I started using to use my study time to team team Year 7 classes ‘Woodwork’, eventually these classes became my own and I have not looked back since. I did a 3yr BSc + QTS degree at Sheffield Hallam Univsity and started full time teaching at the age of 21. I have completed course from the National College of School Leadership: ‘Leading from the Middle’, ‘Leadership Pathways’, and most recently a Masters Degree – Educational Leadership and Management.

I am passionate about education and creative learning – so much so that I have set up this blog to try to help collect and share teaching resources and educational ideas to help teachers collect a few new methods to use.    

I thought that this blog would help teachers that are new to the profession – but any help to any teacher is just as important.

If you use a resources from my blog, and like it, could you please comment so other teachers consider using it?

Even though I teach Design and Technology – I shall always make sure that the resources are generic and suitable for any subject area.

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